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Terms and Conditions of Hire

Although the works of Gilbert and Sullivan are out of copyright, the Orchestral Parts are the property of the D’Oyly Carte Trust Ltd (UK), registered charity No. 200024, and carry their own copyright.

The Hire Agreement is to be read in conjunction with these Terms and Conditions.

  1. The copying of these orchestral parts is prohibited (except as may be separately authorised in writing, and printed by the copyright owner or their representative), they should not be duplicated, cut, altered or tampered with.

  2. A charge will be made (at full replacement cost) for any missing original copies or defaced material i.e. marking in ink, coloured pencil, obliteration of text or music.

  3. An advance (currently 25% of total hire charges) must be paid with the application, and the Hirer undertakes to pay all fees including postage, handling, hire, and any other charges associated with the use of this music.

  4. Two check lists will be enclosed with the Orchestral Parts. The white copy of the check lists MUST be returned as confirmation of their arrival. The other is to be retained and returned, checked off, with the Parts at the end of the hire period.

    • Orchestral Parts may not be used other than for or in connection with the production for which the application is now being made.

    • Hirer must agree not to sub-let Orchestral Parts.

    • The Conductor or Orchestra Convenor is the responsible person for the purposes of this agreement. That person must, at all times, know the whereabouts of the Orchestral Parts, and ensure that no Part is left in the Pit at the end of the performance.

    • Should any Part be lost or damaged, the cost of its replacement will be the responsibility of the Hirer, or the person who has lost the Part.

  6. MARKING OF ORCHESTRAL PARTS: Use ONLY soft lead pencils and erase with Staedtler Mars-Plastic eraser, or equivalent. ALL MARKS MADE BY THE HIRER MUST BE REMOVED BEFORE THE MUSIC IS RETURNED, and if deemed necessary by PIT PARTS a cleaning charge will be made after inspection of the returned Parts.

  7. Parts should be returned within seven (7) days of the completion of the performance by INSURED POST (AUD$1000) and be packed securely against damage in transit. Late returns will incur a further charge of AUD$25 per week or part thereof.

  8. The hire account will be forwarded after the conclusion of the performance and must be paid within seven (7) days.

  9. Should the production be cancelled after the Parts have been supplied, notification of the cancellation must be received in writing, by PIT PARTS, before the first scheduled performance, and in this instance the cost of forward and return freight will be charged.

  10. The programme for performance/s for which the Parts are hired must include the following acknowledgement:
>    Original G & S Orchestral Parts for The D'Oyly Carte Edition
>    on hire from PIT PARTS, sole agent in Australasia
>    c/- the Gilbert & Sullivan Society of Victoria Inc
>    for The D'Oyly Carte Trust Ltd.
>    Email: enquiries@gspitparts.com

This is to be printed in close proximity to the orchestral acknowledgments or Musical Items. A copy of the programme must be forwarded immediately to PIT PARTS.

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